In-house developed software

Ad Special manager magazin (mm) Complete Edition September 2022

Scale in record time? Proprietary software is a hot topic

Peter Fach is a Partner at Deloitte Deutschland and Deloitte Continental Europe and the current Lead of Products & Assets.

Most of today’s companies develop software, apps and algorithms in-house in an effort to optimize their workflows or make their production, administration and marketing activities faster and more efficient. That said, employees and the organization as a whole often hit their limits when it comes to enterprise-wide adoption of proprietary software or when it comes to transparency about and access to specific applications. What are the technology solutions to solve these problems? Which legal and tax issues do we need to consider? How can enterprises make ecosystems work for them and take advantage of third-party services?

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A marketplace approach to scaling software

Dr. Jan-Niklas Keltsch, Director at Deloitte Consulting

Most multinational corporations are develoing outstanding software in various business units or even in regional branch offices and specialsit divisions. However, it is pure wishful thinking in many cases to assume this software is in widespread use across the enterprise. The result is duplicate developments, gaps in functionality and delays in digitalization – not a situation decision-makers are willing to accept given the immense pressure to digitally transform and a serious lack of developer capacity.


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How API-based ecosystems are changing enterprise business models

Sebastian Strugholtz and Fabian Meise work in innovation management for media products at Arvato Systems, Prof. Dr. Roland Frank is chair of the Media and Communication Management Department at Munich’s Mediadesign College

Gone are the days of looking at application programming interfaces (API) from a purely technical perspective. In an increasingly digitalized economy, APIs are becoming key enablers for companies to build and expand digital business models. There is huge potential for these technical interfaces to create digital value networks that span the globe.

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Using platforms to efficiently scale adoption and monetization of proprietary assets

Anna Marino, Head of Partners and Alliances for Business Application Platform at Google Cloud

Platforms are becoming the “de facto” operating model of many companies that are transitioning from a traditional mass customer approach to targeting customer networks. While every company is at a different stage in its transformation journey, the market is constantly evolving, and new incumbents are launching digitally-native businesses that offer better value at lower prices. Finding a way to quickly adapt, innovate and scale will give businesses a competitive edge to evolve, retain market share and accelerate their resilience.

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The legal and tax challenges of sharing software assets on a platform

Claudia Lauten, Partner at Deloitte GmbH WPG and Dr. Till Contzen, Partner at Deloitte Legal

Platforms are ideal for enterprises that intend to share and monetize software or data assets within their own group of companies or with third parties. The key is to publish software assets and facilitate the seamless trade thereof among all of the enterprises and business units involved. In the following, we will outline the legal (I.) and tax (II.) challenges that platform participants need to consider and overcome.

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Ecosystems as a response to the rapid pace of technological change

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, CEO of KI Park e.V. and Olly Salzmann, Managing Director at Deloitte KI GmbH

Innovation ecosystems are becoming increasingly crucial for access to infrastructure, technology, knowledge, and talent. They allow for more effective and efficient networking and collaboration among companies, start-ups, research institutes, citizens, and politicians. This accelerates the adoption of innovative ideas while also minimizing investment risk, involving citizen stakeholders, and optimizing the decision-making and implementation process.

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